About Patches

“Patches is a soulful player, influenced by Miles with his own brand of New Orleans funk. The audience cannot help but be moved and respond when he lifts his horn to play.”

— Marcus Miller

“Best known as a member of Marcus Miller’s band, trumpeter Patches Stewart is a terrific talent, deserving wider recognition.”

— Chris Jisi (Bass Player Magazine, June 2005)

“Stewart is in a different ball field when comparing him to other trumpet players.  His music and playing is exciting and not predictable in the slightest.  Listening to this CD reminded me how blown away I was when I discovered Mile Davis as a kid.  This guy has the potential to open some ears if people would be willing to listen.  ”

— Jeff Charney (contemporaryjazz.com)

“The HDCD sound comes across with great clarity, especially in the high end brassy sounds. I really can’t compare it to any other jazz CD I own, the sound is just that good.

— Paul Pelon IV (Audiophile Audition)

“Michael plays trumpet and flugelhorn in a way that will conquer any fan in love with these instruments. On this album he mostly plays muted trumpet. His sound is both familiar and new. If you are a lover of jazz music and have been looking for an album that will surprise and move you, well, just sit back and relax: your are about to fall in love with the sound of “Patches.  ”

— Nick The Nightfly (Radio Montecarlo)